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  • Our FREE checking account!  What do we mean by free? We wanted our customers to be able to say that they can get a totally free checking account at Pine Island Bank. There are absolutely no strings attached. Free Checking, it's that simple!
  • $25 minimum to open account
  • For the customers who want to maintain a slightly higher balance in their checking account and earn interest on all their money.
  • Earn a variable rate of interest on your average daily balance. The interest rate changes periodically at our discretion.  
  • For current interest rates, CLICK HERE.
  • $2,000 minimum to open account.
  • NOW Accounts have a $5 maintenance fee if your average daily balance falls below $2000.00 during a monthly statement cycle.

  • All of Pine Island Bank's Checking Accounts Offer: 
    Free Online Banking 
    Free Mobile Banking 
    Free eAlerts 
    Free Bill Pay Service 
    Free Direct Deposit  
    Free Monthly Statement  
    Free Cash/Debit Card  
    FDIC Insured  
    To re-order your Deluxe checks,  
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