• $10 Minimum deposit to open account
  • No annal fee cash card available
  • No monthly service charge
  • Additional features at no cost:
  •                           Online Banking  
                              Automatic Transfers  
                              Direct Deposits  
                              Limited ACH Services  
  • $2,500 Minimum deposit to open account
  • Additional Features at no cost:
  •                           Online Banking 
                              On-line Images  
                              Direct deposit  
  • Terms: 3 month to 60 month
  • 24 Month STEP-UP
  • Triple Play
    24-month Step-Up Certificate of Deposit  
    Designed to help you out when rates are on the increase. It gives you the opportunity to increase your rate and make a deposit once during the term of your Certificate of Deposit. Once you increase your rate, you will earn the new higher rate of interest on all of the money in your Certificate of Deposit until it matures.  
  • $2500 minimum deposit to open the account.
  • You may make one deposit during the term of no more than the original investment amount or the value of the certificate of deposit on the renewal date.
  • You may request a rate exchange without depositing additional funds.
  • Automatically renewable.
  • Interest compounds quarterly.
  • Early withdrawal penalty.
  • Fees could reduce earnings.
    TRIPLE PLAY Certificate of Deposit 
    During the 36-Month term, you may make up to 3 deposits in increments of at least $2500 and still continue to earn the initial interest rate. This a real benefit if you have additional funds to invest during a time of decreasing interest rates or want to combine several Certificate of Deposits that mature at different times. 
  • $2500.00 minimum deposit to open the Certificate of Deposit
  • Automatically renewable
  • Interest compounds quarterly
  • No more than three deposits each term, one per year, of at least $2500 each.  The maximum amount of the three deposits combined cannot be more than the original investment amount or the value of the certificate of deposit on the renewal date.
  • Early withdrawal penalty
  • Fees could reduce earnings
    As a business, if you are offering your employees a qualified high deductible insurance plan, Pine Island Bank can set up individual Health Savings Accounts for your employees.  We can automate your employee contributions and/or employer contributions, if applicable.  We can also come to your place of business and present Health Savings Accounts to your employees. Please contact a Pine Island Bank Account Representative for more information.   
    For Current Savings and Certificate of Deposit Rates, CLICK HERE. 
  • Monthly Statements - Electronic with images or paper (with no images)

  • Automated Payroll

  • Night Drop

  • Bank by Mail

  • Online Banking

  • Online Check Re-ordering

  • Merchant Card Services

  • ACH Services (UMACHA software required)

  • Business Debit Cards

  • Business Credit Card applications available at Pine Island Bank
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