Cash/Debit Cards 
The Pine Island Bank Cash Card: 
  • Provides ATM access only.  Perfect for the customer who wants to access their checking or savings account through ATMs.
  • The Pine Island Bank Debit Card: 
  • Allows you access to funds from your checking account wherever Visa debit cards are accepted.
  • Offers quick, easy access to cash from ATMs all over the world.
  • Tracks your purchases by providing a detailed description of every card use on your regular monthly statement and in your online banking.
  • Allows you to make purchases at places where checks are not accepted.
  • Allows you to get cash back at the time of a purchase.
    You may be charged a Surcharge Fee at any ATM.  This fee is implemented by the owner of the ATM, not Pine Island Bank.  To avoid this Surcharge Fee you can use Pine Island Bank ATMs located in Pine Island or In Balance, ATM Access, or Advantage ATM.  Bank of Zumbrota ATMs are also surcharge free to Pine Island Bank customers. 
    In addition, Pine Island Bank belongs to a network of surcharge free ATMs.  For the interactive list, CLICK HERE.   
    If you are traveling or vacationing out of the area, please contact the bookkeeping department at 507-356-6666 and let them know your destination and how long you will be there.  This assists Pine Island Bank in fraud prevention.  Also, be sure your card is activated and your card limits will be sufficient for you while traveling. 
  • TO REPORT A LOST OR STOLEN CASH OR DEBIT CARD during business hours call us at 507-356-8328.
  • After hours please call 1-800-472-3272.
    To protect your account, we monitor your ATM and debit card transactions for potential fraudulent activity.   
    To find out more and to learn how to protect yourself from fraudulent activity, CLICK HERE. 
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