CREDIT CARDS:  Pine Island Bank offers VISA credit cards issued by First Bankcard, a 
                            division of First National Bank of Omaha.   
                            For an application, please click HERE. 
OVERDRAFT PROTECTION - "Pine Island Ready Reserve" and Automatic Transfer: 
Pine Island Ready Reserve Features: 
  • Overdraft line of credit
  • Annual ready reserve fee of $20
  • Advances in $100 increments
  • Monthly payments automatically debited from your checking account
  • You also have the option of making additional payments or paying your loan in full at any time
  • Available for qualified depositors
    Automatic Transfer Features: 
    Can be set up so that funds from your Pine Island Bank savings or checking account can be automatically transferred to your checking account to cover overdrafts. 

  • Preauthorized from another account at Pine Island Bank
  • Transfers in $100 increments
  • $5 automatic transfer charge per transfer
  • Please call us to enroll or for more information.  
    Why Choose ID TheftSmart™ ? 
    In a market overflowing with solutions that focus on credit and promote self-help, ID TheftSmart’s licensed investigators simply do more.  They help people to determine the extent of their exposure to risk, and to restore their identities to pre-theft status as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
    ID TheftSmart investigators will do the bulk of the work for a fraud victim. Not as a “counselor”...not alongside...not in conjunction with… but as an advocate on their behalf! 
    Protection, Detection, and Restoration. 
    ID TheftSmart investigators address the issues of privacy and best practices before an event, action after a data exposure, and restoration services in the unfortunate event of an identity theft occurrence. 
    You can have this peace of mind today through Pine Island Bank for  
    only $1.50 per month per person! 
    Various sizes.  Contact us for availability and cost. 
    Pine Island Bank offers iHELP Student Loans.  For More Information or to Apply, Click Here! 
    Whether you or your child are currently enrolled in college or are in the planning process, this College Planner is designed to help guide you. 
    1. General College Planning: 
  • College Board Online
  • College View
  • All About College
    2. College Financial Aid 
  • College View Financial Aid Website
  • FAFSA Express Electronic Financial Aid Application
  • FinAid - Financial Aid information
    Chase Haugen being presented his check by Pine Island Bank president 
    Jim Mack 
    Apply now for the 2014 Pine Island Bank Scholarship! Applications available now at the PIHS counselor's office. Use our College Planner information on the right to help with college planning ideas and financial aid. 
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